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Kingdom Kidz

Kingdom Kidz is the kids ministry of King City Church, with a heart to see the Children connect with God and grow in His word. 

Kingdom Kidz happen every Sunday during the service from 10.40 am at the Church Office. Parents with Children are encouraged to come along with your kids and let them also grow in the presence of God. 

Life Groups

Life groups are an integral part of King City Church. It is an opportunity for you to be part of a small group that meets in different locations for prayer, biblical teachings and a great time of fellowship. If you would like to join a life group click the sign up button below.  

People During Workshop
Relentless Students

Relentless is the students ministry of KCC. This ministry is focused to equip youngsters to reach students and to have intellectual conversations about the purpose and meaning of life. Relentless also conducts various outreach programs, workshops and seminars in colleges. 


Aspire is the women's ministry of KCC. Aspire  seeks to encourage women to be all that God has called them to be and to equip them to fulfill His purposes.

Our vision is to reach and connect with women in our local church and the wider community. We also work towards empowering women through ministry and teachings from God's word to fulfill the purposes He has for them. 

Join a team

You are welcome to volunteer and join any team here at KCC and serve God. Here at KCC we have a strong serving culture. As you involve in ministry you will find a strong community of people who will encourage and support your spiritual walk with God. Serving God and walking in His purpose is the most fulfilling thing you can do. If you are interested go ahead and join a team today. 

Discipleship Courses

Discipleship is integral once you join the KCC family. Your discipleship process is carefully monitored and encouraged through various streams of discipleship courses. KCC runs 3 courses eXplore, Build & Reach. To join any of the course please send an e mail to

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